Luna and Her Friends

She never stays to have breakfast with me
Though shares many a dinner in company
The muse to many dreams and imaginings
Basking in the glow of her brilliant glory
At the fullest rounding of her breast
For I lay my head upon my pillow
But feel the comfort of her watchfulness
Though at her brightest peak
She leaves me a capricious nuisance
With the push and pull of my tidal waters
And with her other celestial friends
Play havoc in tag with many an emotion
Oft not understood in the past
I now read avidly the effect she will have on me
Should the stars and planets align just so
And I adjust accordingly
No longer expecting the worst from her light
But accepting blessings and growth
In gratitude for the energy cleanse and reboot
That she so kindly affords me every month

Debbie Gravett Β© 2021.05.26

RDP: Breakfast
FOWC: Capricious
Image by Larisa Koshkina from Pixabay

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