Stacked In My Favour

I am not the ball in the roulette wheel
Fated to fall wherever the lottery is meant
The luck of life is not to be gambled on and wished
I am an unfinished piece in the workshop of the world
Learning, developing and growing each day
My reaction and action to what happens around me
The rigged numbers that determine the outcome
I am the attracting magnet to what I hold within
To short circuit the system of defeat and gloom
Expectations in the mind of great things and happiness
Spinning on the globe to see the possibilities
Belief that the cards are decked in my favour
The house isn’t against me, the Universe is for me
We all have the ultimate winning hand if we will

Debbie Gravett © 2021.05.07

RDP: Workshop
FOWC: Lottery
Image by Felikss Veilands from Pixabay

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