Make My Day

In morning’s glorious light
I stand at the door to a vacant day
Though there might be plans within
Responsibilities to dutifully fulfil
I am granted with the opportunity
Handed to me a vibrantly wrapped gift
To furnish and decorate my today
As I would have it beautifully be
Decisions daunting shadows in the corner
Until I find my gratitude for their existence
Because I know then that it is my choice
I am not the helpless pawn of dictate
I get to decide with scrupulous action
What that which I am given will turn out to be
And what the hours behind me will look like
When dusk’s pink and orange hues do descend

Debbie Gravett © 2021.04.28

RDP: Scrupulous
FOWC: Vacant
Image by Lukáš Jančička from Pixabay

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