Giving Myself Peace

Daggers of four
Plunged from back to front
Pierced the heart as intent
Not random accident
Wiser now
I peel them from me
One at a time
Releasing them and me
From the canker of betrayal
As they drop from my shoulders
Their weighty lingerings
Dissipate to the earth at my rear
Where they came from unexpected
I’ll leave them in the dust of past
Neither to abhor nor mourn
For this is what must be done
The higher good of each of us
Lessons will remain
But no longer defined
By the cutting blades
Of your careless words and actions
Because I’m stronger and wiser
I no longer feed from the pain
No longer used to obtain love
I get it just because of who I am
Not what you did to me
Or what I let happen
Thank you for my strength

Debbie Gravett © 2021.04.27

RDP: Random
FOWC: Abhor
Image by ImaArtist from Pixabay

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