Claw Marks & Paw Prints

Your feline body grew too small
For your magnificent glorious soul
And you had to leave us behind
To join the loved ones gone before
The claw marks on our hearts will heal
And the loving paw prints will remain
Less hair will coat our clothes
But it will remain stuck to us
Fond memories will fill this current void
A vortex you have left in this life
But we had to release you from your pain
Sympathetic to it by the pockets of our emptiness
In the spaces where you are now missing
Inevitable though it may be for all of us
Acceptance is a journey of grieving stages
And until we meet again our fierce warrior girl
We’ll remember you with love and a little sadness

Debbie Gravett © 2021.04.23

In loving memory of Whiskers, one of our family.

RDP: Inevitable
FOWC: Sympathetic

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