Dancing Path of Destruction

With wind whipping at her back
The red, orange and yellow dancer
Turns a pirouette of heated sizzle
As she gallops forward on her path
Gathering heroes to join the tango
In the fierce annual competition
She chassés across the terrain
Feet crackling and scorching earth
Nothing safe in the beat of her steps
She plucks all the fragrant flowers
Withering them to the floor
And leaves a slew of homeless
Human and animal alike
She leaps across all manner of doors
Her vigour and energy growing
Her graceful waltz dangerous
As she steals the breathing air
Sending wafts of cloudy grey warning
An army assembles to stop her dance
To turn the roaring music off
To battle for their lives and livelihood
Community united against her blaze
For they cannot let her win
Nor claim more of their land
In the fan of her flaming skirt

Debbie Gravett © 2021.04.19

RDP: Sizzle
FOWC: Fragrant
Image by Daniel Zuflucht from Pixabay

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