Death’s Not to Fear

You gave death a face for me
A vacant stare and rolling eyes
From shrivelled flesh and fragile bone
Wasted by a ferocious appetite
Of a corrupted mutinous anomaly
Intent to win this war against mortality
My first experience up close and personally
I rubbed your feet to let you know
My presence at your fading bedside light
And heard its final rattling battle cry
As death won your body over
And dropped its crimson blood of fear on me
To make me scared of losing more
Building a terror to its eventuality
But those were oblivious unconscious days
Of an unenlightened younger version of myself
For now I know death’s face is not to fear
It gave you peace and blissful release
And once you lost the worry of your own
You gave your physicality over to it
For a substantially greater prize of tranquility
And your soul lingers in the air I breathe
In the scent of you whispered by the breeze
The smile you steal across my face at memory
Answered advice blooming from my own mind
Known to come from the shape of your wise lips
Learned to speak as though you’re still with me
So the only thing that I miss is your loving touch

Debbie Gravett © 2021.04.15

Image by TheDigitalArtist from Pixabay

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