I Choose You

If you should jettison from this mortal coil
Before I exhale my last breath of this lifetime
No longer lie next to me in the darkest of night
Or tightly embrace away my melancholy for days
Our memories will be the buoy for the rest of my life
To keep me from drowning in the sea of missing
For you are my anchor in the wildest of storms
My confidence when I have misplaced my own
The north star that I call my sanctuary and home
Not that I have surrendered and forgotten myself
But been made better and glittered in your aura
It is not that I am unable to sail on my own
Nor that I need you like air in my hungry lungs
I have chosen you to be the constant one
To carry a large piece of my still-beating heart
My first mate to keep us sailing upright
To hold my hand when we say jump
Float on the waves and enjoy the starlight
And wish on the stars that we navigate by
That our epic voyage will navigate
Across many more azure oceans and seas

Debbie Gravett © 2021.04.11

RDP: Confidence
FOWC: Jettison
Image by Bohdan Chreptak from Pixabay

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