What Home Should Be

Where you run to when the world is unwelcoming
Seminal sanctuary that affects who you are and become
The recharging station for a weary and worn out soul
Relax and plug in to the vibes and reverberations of calm
Prodigious pad with arms of acceptance, safety and love
To land on, take time to recover your vigour and vibrance
Peace in the loudly broadcasted chaos of days on Earth
Somewhere you should be running to
Not wanting to run from
A place that catches you when you are falling
And lifts you from the trenches and ditches you sink into
Where you are free to be whatever it is that you want to be
Allow the true nature of yourself to run wild and uninhibited
Blissful cellular level tranquility the only thing to overwhelm
May everyone have a place to call
Their home
Their shelter
Their haven

Debbie Gravett © 2021.04.09

RDP: Seminal
FOWC: Prodigious
Image by KatinkavomWolfenmond from Pixabay

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