Let Go Tomorrow

Crept in silence like a burglar
To steal the unnecessary
Pilfer the stress and the worry
From the furrows in my forehead
Robbed me of the sleepless lines
Bloodshot roadmaps in my eyes
But left no gaping space in their place
Rather replaced with tranquil peace
The calling card of this release
To drop the frantic knowledge for the future
The searching and the desperate need
To know that as this breath is inhaled
All is well and I am here, and it is what is
No need for speculation or nightmare
The bacterial infection of thought
To spread the non-existent from this day
To the next and far beyond
Like a crew already sunk a ship
That has yet to spring a leak
I let these horror stories go
By meditation and great gratitude
For the blessings that are now
And leave tomorrow at tomorrow’s hour
And bask in blissful serenity and faith
That the Universe has my back for ever and always
With only great intentions for myself
And in the knowledge of this support
I can lay the days to come at its feet
And know that all will be well whatever comes

Debbie Gravett © 2021.04.06

RDP: Bacterial
FOWC: Crew
Image by TF3000 from Pixabay

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