Balanced Control

Led by equal hands they thrive
For neither the patriarch
Nor the matriarch
Rule the roost alone
Radical to some
Who would never give
Women the power
And then the others
Who wouldn’t dream
For a man to have control
Driven by their need for ultimate reign
They forget what children see
A world of struggle and war
One stifled and sometimes vilified
The other superior and celebrated
Without the balanced scales
Of souls in all their forms
There will always be a tug-o-war
A fight over the bones
To hold the reins so tight
And steer us way off course
Far from the peace and calm
Only instilled
By strength
By gentleness
By yin
By yang
By both in harmony

Debbie Gravett © 2021.04.05

RDP: Radical
FOWC: Patriarch
Image by Evelyn Simon from Pixabay

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