The Goal

A magician at the end of a pen
Though eloquent you do not bombast
To embarrass or brag the wordsmith you are
I yearn to be the master of tale
And suffer the patience and practice
To achieve what seems to come naturally
Flows through your fingertips with ease
Each new rejection I receive types doubt
Into the processor that highlights my lack
For is the answer in birthed ability
Training and continual rehearsal
A learning of the rules and grammar
Or should those be broken at every turn?
To break new ground and push the edge
Or do the readers oppose the adventurous?
Advice aplenty in agreement and contradiction
And yet if I turn off the noise long enough
I shall hear the story told to me from beyond
That I am purpose bound to retell
Good or bad
The words should rain onto the page
No matter how they start
It does not have to be the end
For once the tale is writ
It is not in stone all done
An edit and a helping hand
Can teach one much
So I should sit myself down
As I feel that I must
Sit myself oft enough
To fill these novel pages
Or choose the shorter forms
To tell the world my tale
What it is I wish to say
And once I let it free
Continue on to another

Debbie Gravett © 2021.04.02

RDP: Patience
FOWC: Wordsmith
Image by Dean Moriarty from Pixabay

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