No Guarentee

The impression of your feet
Still distinct on my heart
Where you stomped on it
I the fool who allowed you
To do it a myriad of times
In a myriad of different ways
Desperate for a story book affection
That you never had capacity to give
Idealized a blood bonded relationship
That would only exist in my dreams
For I never knew how you felt
I just finally found the strength
And stuck with my decision
That I would no longer be a doormat
With no acknowledged emotions
That wet the steps of your door constantly
With the tears of hurt as I was leaving again
And though you are not so very far from me
I am a person a million miles removed
From the one who allowed you
To inflict heartache time and time repeat
I found the power to walk away
And learning to love myself more every day
So that I’ll never NEED another to do it for me
But I choose to allow them in
But the world won’t end
And I won’t be unloved
If they take theirs away
Because I will always have my own
And I can thank you for that lesson
To never assume
That blood is any guarantee

Debbie Gravett © 2021.03.23

RDP: Impression
FOWC: Myriad
Image by design. meliora from Pixabay

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