Stuck in the Swamp

I drag myself through the swamp
Wading in the slimy sludge of life
Negotiating the quagmire of decision
A kettle rumbling the initial warnings
Of steaming and boiling right over
The brim of my generous tolerance
You’ll get scalded by my overwhelm
Unmanaged and completely unintentional
As I continue to struggle in the muck
Barely washed a little bit off
When more is flung my way
And I can’t find a moment
To bring my head above
The crippling sorrow of days
A multiplying plant
Sprung from the grime
Breathing out toxins and not oxygen
Stealing the desperate air from my lungs
As the pain of another bout of confusion
Crushes the vessels of my delicate chest
Soaked empath sponge of the worlds waste
Wrung bone-dry of a glimmer of hope
For her own happy, peaceful
And figured out life
Silently drowning in the endless bog
That she can’t get unstuck from

Debbie Gravett © 2021.03.15

FOWC: Quagmire
RDP: Kettle
Image by zmortero from Pixabay

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