Don’t Tell Me

I am an empath
Don’t tell me the horror stories you heard
Don’t tell me the nightmares you saw
And please don’t tell me the news
For these live with me
Long after you have forgotten
Left them behind in the dust
The dust of my heart
Which is in sheer agony
In pain for the beings involved
For the sufferers and strugglers
So though I know it exists
And I know the reality out there
I beg of you
Don’t carry these tales of woe to me
As I’m still learning to protect
My very delicate senses
And if you do not wish to injure me
To hurt me
And to punish me
Please dispose of these hauntings
For I do not NEED to know them
It isn’t in my best interest
And the Universe insures
That which I MUST know
Is presented where necessary
It will try again if it is important
If I didn’t hear the first time
And may I give a titbit of advice
If I may be so bold
Though I absorb these
Like a sponge sucks up water
You might wish
To be rid of these yourself
Perhaps into the grounds of Gaia
Should you ask Mother Earth to take
And transmute these terrible happenings
That healing may begin
And their continued proliferation
May be stemmed until death
That the world might look brighter
And people may feel hope
And whether true or propaganda
False or complete honesty
Focus may shift
Love may blossom
And the rain may sing
And our hearts may rest
And our nerves relax
And we may create more
Of the peaceful things

Debbie Gravett © 2021.03.10

FOWC: Route
RDP: Butterfly
Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

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