My Own Example

I looked for her in many places
An example, a mentor, a teacher
I found a few here and there
But too many shared a common thread
Self-sacrifice their greatest achievement
That it became the measure of a woman
I tried to obediently replicate
Not be that unacceptable independent one
But it was not noble at my own cost
Not endearing when resentment bred
And in nobody’s best interest
When my greatest life lay dead
For to be a shining light of hope
The lesson to be taught
Is to give in the actualization of self
For when I am whole within
My gift is to be the example
Of a balanced life well lived
To have given and received
Both in equal measure
To become the woman I sought
For it is meant

Debbie Gravett © 2021.03.08

Image by Brigitte from Pixabay

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