My Teachers

If I could bottle your essence I would
Positivity like warm rays of golden sun
You breeze fresh air into any room you enter
And clear skies follow your every step
No matter what the weather outside looks like
A vivid aura plucked from a vibrant rainbow
I bask in the peaceful calm of your energy
Absorbing hope, joy, inspiration and motivation
In the abundance of flowers in the springtime
Admired on a refreshing stroll through the forest
An elixir for balance and perfect tranquillity
Your presence is my rescue from a certain storm
Your attitude contains the example for my healing
And your panacea is to be taken far more regularly
Than the current dosage that I have prescribed myself
For I have fallen into the blissful trap of introversion
And wish to stay silent with myself a little while
This too, a remedy of deep needed introspection
Free of judgement, conversation and discussion
For this is my personal journey that I embrace
Without need of explanation or justification
Mine to wear and travel as I see tailored fit
Without infliction of pain to any other
But to the ultimate gain of my highest being
To supply sincere and honest mimicry
In honour of the gift that you bestow on me
Your energy painted in my own colours
Similar, but flavoured with the scent of my soul
In great gratitude for that which you share

Debbie Gravett © 2021.03.06

FOWC: Contain
RDP: Clear Skies
Image by Glegle from Pixabay

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