What Are You Hearing?

Life echoes the same refrain
And we ask ourselves
Or perhaps the Universe
And we hear no answer back
So we go on and do the same
And the echo does not change
So we ask this invisible them
Once again
And we perceive no reply
But we get an idea – OUR idea
To alter a thing or two
Just little adjustments mind you
We couldn’t manage more
And wouldn’t want to disrupt
Our lives too terribly much
But we question
Oh why?
Oh why?
Is everything so difficult?
Doesn’t it get better?
Doesn’t anything change?
And still there is silence
And the cycle continues uninterrupted
Because the Universe doesn’t listen to us
Ignores us completely
Nothing new, just as the rest of life is
And so this pattern reverberates
Tainting everything a gloomy grey
And something is said, or we overhear
And we cry
But until we listen
Until we notice the little things
Until we stop moaning
We’ll never hear the responses
That have always been coming
Because it might not be what we want
But it will surely be what we need
We just have to decide
If we’re willing to do something
With the answers we’re getting
Or continue to complain
That no one is listening

Debbie Gravett © 2021.03.04

FOWC: Pattern
RDP: Invisible
Image by Hans Braxmeier from Pixabay

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