HER Fault

“Time must end for all of us and our candle must go out. Our bones will rest on our book of life, and people will page through it and comment on what we did with the days we were given.”
Page closed her eyes as the minister droned on. This is why I’m having a wake she thought. When she died there would be fountains of alcohol and a party to remember. She’d haunt the lot of them if they didn’t have fun. People would remember how amazing she was. As his monotonous sermon about the fragile nature of time continued, she faded into an alternate ending.
Jake had been the love of her life since primary school. Back then, before relationships between boys and girls had to be romantic, they had been the greatest of friends. They spent every day together sharing their dreams and enjoying life. Then SHE came into the picture. Perfect little miss glamour bitch. He knew nothing about her manipulation.
Maybe if Page had worn short skirts and makeup, he would have seen her differently. They would have been the senior couple of the school and gone on to get married, but SHE had broken their bond. Come between them. Dragged him away.
Well now that his wife was dead, maybe she could get him back.
She came out of her trance to whispers heading down the aisle, “What is she doing here?”
“I don’t know. Maybe she finally killed her,” two of her ex school mates commented giving her side glances.
Jake followed them, slightly shaking his forlorn face at her.
So he still hasn’t forgiven me for the jealous bump down the stairs, Page thought. Ellen had only been in hospital for a week. She’d never managed to convince him that it was an accident.

by Debbie Gravett © 2021.02.23

FFFC: Flash Fiction Challenge #107
Image from Pixabay.com

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