I fly in the face of huffy offence
For it isn’t a friction I wish to frustrate
If you are familiar with my feature
Friendly, thoughtful and respectful
I do not fight to infringe on my fellows
But I face a foul foregone fallacy of ages
Which moving forward I must force out
For it is I that must come first and foremost
In proffering my reflections and considerations
Not the foragers of my bountiful affections
Who fuss at a mere forgetful infraction
Of their superior fame within my fragile focus
It is not selfish nor self-centred a fingerprint
But self-loving and a definite pre-requisite
For a fit and flourishing frame of mind
Fundamental to a fruitful existence
And to my useful functionality to others
Fated to make half-hearted offerings of myself
Should I fail the feeding of my own soul

Debbie Gravett © 2021.02.19

FOWC: Superior
Dung beetle Image by Ivan Horvat from Pixabay

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