What have you done lately #10

Helloooooo. Yes, I’m late. Haven’t posted one of these for a while. Not because I’ve been super busy, but because I’ve been busy……………… procrastinating. Dreaded talent that I have. My skill level could be rated as expert 😊 Not something I want to be so very proficient in.


Happy New Year! As I said – late. I hope that it is treating you well or you are at least managing to go with the flow. Mine is good and when it isn’t, I’m doing an ok job of seeing where it takes me without tooooo much stress – I haven’t mastered the no fear, no stress yet, but I’m working on it. Other than procrastinating, what have I been up to?
* Homeschooling my youngest.
* Writing poetry and a few short stories – more like flash fiction.
* Thinking about writing – A LOT. I try to excuse myself that thinking about it is part of the planning, but if the writing itself isn’t getting done, then I’m doing too much thinking and need to change gears, because it is just a procrastinating excuse… partially. I say that because the thinking has been about actual stories that I am busy planning.
* Personal growth. Lots of reflection and working through past issues that still haunt me and influence my behaviour. Some of them stick like baby poop and you have to have a few goes at releasing the stuff.
* Putting off things that I need to do, like decluttering. I know I need to create a comfortable environment to help my creativity and that means dump the junk. Maybe the reason my creativity hasn’t be in top form and my productivity is low.
* Placing one foot in front of the other when it feels hard and seeing what tomorrow brings. Finding the gratitude in all the good – even the tiny things.
* Making myself a priority.



  • Wooohooo!!! I now have 1000 followers on my WordPress page. Thank you all for reading my work. I appreciate the feedback and knowing that it touches people.

  • 1000!!!


  • Write my first book – at least get the outline down. I have more ideas from all that thinking.
  • Finish the short story that has been in my head for over a year. Also further down the track due to…. You guessed it – thinking. Something I have learned though from Greg Reid (see below) is to give it a date, so 28 February 2021 it is.

    A Dream written down with a date becomes a goal
    A Goal broken down into steps becomes a plan
    A Plan backed by action makes your dreams come true
    – Greg Reid



    From shades of red to that of pink
    As vast a spectrum as that of love
    All important, not just that one you think
    The love for self should be the highest above
    © 2021.02.12


    To love yourself is essential – like breathing. Only to compare as better than is arrogant.


    Have a fantastic day and thanks for stopping by. Wishing you much love and light.

    Image by ArtTower from Pixabay

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