But I Have Everything

Like a bank of fog settles in the early morn
But unlike the gentle cloak that hides the rising sun
This descends with the speed of a lightening flash
Fading any light that rested on the brink within
Wallowing in the shadow of this unknown weighty column
Hoping that I’ll figure it out and find my rays of sunshine again
And with the other breath waiting for the thunderous boom
That will pound me down into the miserable abyss
Will there be one day when I won’t be able to crawl out?
I do not understand this cloud that hangs around me
Like a noose ready to strangle the last bit of air out
When the world is kicked out from under me
Or am I stepping off the end of the earth?
My mind reels at this conundrum of darkness
That has me grasping for a happiness I lose sight of
And anxious for what the final hammer blow will bring
Or am I imaging all this and making something come true
That never existed in the first place
Oh the complication of this invisible enemy
That I am already exhausted from trying
To mentally defeat

Debbie Gravett © 2021.02.09

FOWC: Column
RDP: Brink
Image by Layers from Pixabay

4 thoughts on “But I Have Everything

  1. This is captured so incredibly well. I love how it’s like clay, you reach in, grab it then you mould it to assess it. Looking at it from every angel, seeing what other pieces you could mould to fit or if you should leave it how it is. It’s the knowledge of mental suffering, and the understanding of what it’s like to be inside outside and around it.

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