Natural Support

Steps that my soul remembers
Into the carpet of the lush forest
Soft, spongy moss catching my footfalls
Beneath the tall oak sentinels
Protecting my spirit’s quiet time
Cathartic rhythm of nature
Resetting my most inner chords
Strummed flat by the hurry of life
And beaten into a sociable mould
Wings clipped by others and myself
Lest I begin soaring beyond my acceptable caste
Or offend those laden with heavy excuses
As to why their flight is grounded
And mine might stretch above these trees
Should they not mercifully intervene
And remind me of my place in life
That the universe wishes me to exceed

Debbie Gravett © 2021.02.06

FOWC: Cathartic
RDP: Soaring
Image by sammanthayore from Pixabay

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