The wheel is turning
And all it does is turn
There is no excitement
No adventure
Motivation and inspiration
Spun off their axis
And left this space
Bare and barren
No lucky bonanza
Of laughter and fun
An example of living
It is absolutely not
Survival or breathing
Where smiles don’t reach
To make eyes sparkle
Where the trudge
Is only uphill
And the rain keeps coming
But there is another breath
Still purpose left within
Time to look at the view
From the hill you have climbed
See the flowers
Growing between the rocks
Be the soft
In the middle of the difficult
Be the rest
That everyone needs
Do your best
Because it is enough
Is never required

Debbie Gravett © 2021.02.03

FOWC: Example
RDP: Bonanza
Image by Dusty Pedroia from Pixabay

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