Imagining a Beautiful Day

Worms in the cabbage patch trying to swim
Cobwebs on the doorframes as winter comes knocking
Early and cold or perhaps this won’t stay
But it plays to a new propensity of staying indoors
Loving my own company once it’s been forced
A bear’s hibernation appealing to some
Where others are lacking a little bit of touch
Lonely and alone are not the same thing
In the silence of early morning daybreak
With just the song of the birds staying dry
And the pitter patter of soothing raindrops
That keep coming at varying pace all day long
I spend time with my beautiful soul
In deep important conversation of what is up next
The steps to be taken and remedies to be made
Miracles and magic to see in this amazing world
And the gratitude to feel at the rise of the sun
Another day with myself and the ones that I love
In the quiet I see how glorious this day can be
I envision it, manifest it and make it my reality

Debbie Gravett © 2021.02.02

FOWC: Propensity
RDP: Cabbage
Image by Jiyoung Kim from Pixabay

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