We Should Talk

Invisible smoke of a clouded mind
With thought unknown to all humankind
The missing span of attention the only sign
That you are not here in this place of mine
Conversation deteriorates the further you fall
Into the shadows and darkness of total recall
Or perhaps a great light of wonder does enthral
I wouldn’t know of your head’s haul
Because what the eyes don’t see
Is your consciousness adventure spree
Perhaps a loud out-crying plea
To set your soul and spirit free
Leaving your deafening quietude
To make me wonder of this that has blued
For I myself have many a time stewed
Over this or that a thought been glued
And yet your silence has me think
What wrong did my lips done sync
For my heart is about to drown and sink
In the loneliness of this most recent kink
For communique is not one of our strongest suit
From the beginning bad habit taken root
Wish we’d manage to give it the good old boot
That I’d understand the nature of this dispute
If I should be the one to linger in your thought
Or is it needless trouble that I have sought
With issues of our own we are all wrought
Release, the one that I wish to be taught
For in this lack of direction I run amuck
Wandering down allies of great unluck
Wondering what it is that has us stuck
In unhealthy patterns of self-destruct

Debbie Gravett © 2020.10.31

FOWC: Deteriorate
RDP: What The Eyes Don’t See
Image by birgl from Pixabay

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