A Different Perspective

FFFC100“Look at that silly old man up there. Why has he stolen those blossoms from the plants? He could have left them on the bush, and they would have lasted much longer. Now they’re going to die.”
“These humans have a funny custom of giving flowers. I’ve seen it happen often at our pond. They get a bubble of air back from the other person’s lips, although it will be a hard job finding this guy’s smackers behind all that hair.”
“But what is that thing hanging in front of him? Does he use that to hit them over the head and drag them back to his cave?”
“No twit! That is a guitar, it makes music. Sometimes beautiful and other times I’ve looked to see if there is a cat or bird screaming. Cats and birds like catching us to eat. Also, they don’t live in mountains anymore, they’ve moved into boxes of bricks or wood.”
“Why? That means they kill trees as well. Caves worked. Why must they change things that aren’t broken? We’ve always lived ok in our ponds and nothing has changed.”
“Haha! That’s what you think. You’re only lucky to have been caught and come to live here, because there is a law that stops them from catching us and eating us in this place.”
“It isn’t like we live in Japan where we’re sacred and they wouldn’t even think about it. Here we’re just expensive, pretty pets and in other places, we’re… yes, you guessed it… food.”

by Debbie Gravett © 2021.01.21

FFFC: Flash Fiction Challenge #100
Image by artbyrandy at Morguefile
Main image by Анна Куликова from Pixabay

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