Meet Me

Into the curl of warming comfort
When the world falls apart
I seek the blanket of solitude
To heal and repair my soul
At the overwhelm of it all
Growing an intimate knowledge
Acknowledgment and acceptance
Of the nuts and bolts that make me
The cogs and buttons that trigger
An amazing journey of self-discovery
Fascinating, revealing and necessary
As I dance in the clover and dandelions
I’ve met a dreamer, believer of magic and wonder
A spirit of hope who deserves peace and happiness
A soul in silent reflection and contemplation
Seeing the colours of energy
Hearing the sound of energy
Feeling the vibrations of energy tiptoe across her skin
Connecting with the Universe, with the Ethereal
Learning to love herself and like who she is
Cocooned in the calmness of bliss
Comfortable in the flaking cells of her skin
Revealing the diamond of her heart
The graphite strength of her substance
And the gentle cushion of her nature
And celebrating all of them

Debbie Gravett © 2021.01.07

FOWC: Intimate
RDP: Blanket
Image by Rondell Melling from Pixabay

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