Mind Running Free

You might think me remiss
To allow my mind to galavant
Hither and thither all around
An unbridled toddler up to mischief
But it is from these wild rambles
I obtain a scintilla of perceived sanity
Eccentric or extravagant pilgrimages
Departed from my sensible psyche
To the magical and fantastical unbelievable
Often with giggles as a journeying companion
I travel the vast breadth and depth
Of my vibrant and detailed imaginings
Like a child on a marvellous adventure
So that I may return to the world
Able to focus on the tasks of necessity
Should you try to prevent me from my expeditions
I cannot possibly be responsible
For the unforeseen consequences
That may result from a caged and shackled mind
And should you choose to judge me
I give you no mind, because I am out of mine

Debbie Gravett © 2021.01.04

FOWC: Remiss
RDP: Galavant
Image by Javier Rodriguez from Pixabay

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