What Have You Done Lately #9

How are you all doing out there? Happy birthday mom and dad. It would have been my parent’s birthday today – yes, on the same day. My mom would have been 79 and my dad would have been 85, but they have been gone 16 and 19 years respectively.

I haven’t kept up with this post, because I’ve been doing other things. First it was a 30-day short story challenge, writing a story every day and then it was my planner. I bought a planner last year, but found I was printing things and pasting over the pages to get exactly what I wanted, so this year I decided to print my own. It took much longer than I thought – but that might be because I wanted it just so and software loves to mess with alignment and some printers don’t like printing to the edge or near the edge of the page. But I did it and I’m super happy with the result. Here are a few pages:
I’m not that good an artist. I used yellow carbon type paper and traced the image and then went over it with a white gel pen. Lastly I used hard varnish over the picture to stop the black picking up marks and looking dirty.


I love dragons, sunflowers and yin and yang


the branches will be heavy with what I’m going to get done this year


A borrowed quote each week to inspire me


Something to keep on top of – what I didn’t find in other planners


I have to keep track of where I’m going and what needs to be adjusted. Using SMART GOAL SETTING I included a deadline date and a reward – the carrot I sometimes need


I like this page so much that I want to use it for the year that is leaving in … 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1!!!

                             And there go the fireworks. Poor animals 😢


Considering it is an hour or so to the new year (it was when I started typing, but alignment and WP ☹️) I’m going to look at my year – Only the good things:

  • I have kept up with my blog – no mean feat on the days when getting out of bed feels like an effort and the walls are closing in.
  • I entered a few writing and poetry competitions.
  • I’ve gotten more organized. Still some work to do, but I’m much further ahead than I was – thus the need for my planner.
  • I am making myself a priority and learning to protect my time. I am important and I am enough. I deserve to be here and have great things. The Universe wants me to succeed, and all I need is to ask, and trust that it has everything under control, and surrender.
  • No laughing at this one. On THOSE days this can feel impossible. I kept my family fed and my house relatively clean and in order. If I haven’t said this before – I HATE CLEANING. This statement is changing to – I am grateful to have a house, and clothes that require cleaning.


I didn’t get my book written, so it is the plan for next year, but not just 1. I’m leaving my planning for tomorrow where I can fill the branches of my paint tree – picture higher up.



It was some minutes to midnight
When all through the country
Not many a party was happening, not in any big way
The people were locked down
With curfews and alcohol bans
People were wishing, this year be gone
Hoping for miracles from the next that was to come
Many a healthy person didn’t make it to this day
The Earth, a seemingly ludicrous place
I’m wishing you all a little bit of peace
And a whole lot of love
And something to be grateful of
Now I bid you an earlier goodnight
For I’ve learned the value of sleep
And it’s time to take care of myself




See your life behind closed eyes. Then open them and make it happen.


Wishing you a 2021 filled with surprises that bring joy and many reasons to smile. Take care of yourself and take care of each other. Sending love and light to you, and you, and you. You are important!

Image by ArtTower from Pixabay

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