Short Story #30

I did it! 30 short stories – more like flash fiction – in 30 days. I have written every day, including posting a poem on my blog every day and sometimes more. After tomorrow I will start planning next year’s writing projects. I plan to have a plan and get things done. I hope you’ll carry on reading my poetry and every now and then, or maybe more often than that I’ll post a story. Next week I plan on doing some decluttering and cleaning up to get ready for an organized year of creating. Watch this space for news of books and publication and all things wonderful.
Have an amazing day filled with a little magic and a lot of love. Keep safe and be kind, to yourself and others.
Never NEED anyone
What if Red Riding Hood had kickass martial arts moves and Cinderella made her own fortune? Yes, I’m that woman who doesn’t need a prince or a woodcutter to save her, I save myself. Everybody should earn their money and not expect handouts from me. I worked hard to get where I am.
I had to put up with male bosses changing one line, just one line of my project presentation and claiming the idea as their own. Being passed over for promotion in favour of a less capable… yes, you guessed it, MAN!
The world continues to enforce the beliefs that my single mother taught me after my scumbag father cheated on her and walked out to live with his big boobed bimbo. Men are liars, pigs, untrustworthy and a waste of my time.
Where was I going with this again? Oh yes, how I am quite capable of fending for myself and don’t need a man. Except…
My car broke down. But that was okay because I’d call a towing service, except there was no cell reception. It was Christmas day and I was on my way to visit my mother in the old age home. I was treating her to lunch at Café le Paulo.
He stopped and looked under the hood. Something about a lack of petrol and maybe a new pump or jets that needed cleaning. I knew nothing about these things. Luck would have it that we were going to the same place. I slipped my mace into my pocket – a woman alone can never be sure – although he seemed a nice sort and I didn’t feel any kind of alarm or discomfort.
The backseat of his car was jam-packed with gifts for the old folk that didn’t have anyone to visit them. They should have planned better so that they could buy their own gift. You should never rely on someone else I thought, but never said any of it, instead I smiled and pretended that I admired his waste-of-money act of kindness.
He asked whom I was going to visit. I didn’t like to tell people my business but couldn’t be rude considering he was giving me a lift. It turned out that he knew my mother – very well it seemed. He said that he was glad that she had recovered from her procedure. He had taken her to hospital while I was away on business. I told him that it wasn’t possible as Kelly had taken her. His name was Kelly… assumptions. I closed my eyes and a tear slipped down my cheek as he told me that she was his favourite patient to visit. Her sight improved after the cataracts were removed, but he would read to her whenever he could because she still couldn’t see the small print of her favourite books.
I’d known her eyes were troubling her, but not these details. I was too busy taking care of myself and making sure that I didn’t NEED anyone, that I had forgotten that I was needed by a woman who didn’t want to need anyone either. I was too busy making sure that no man could do what my father had done to me, because I wouldn’t care. But maybe I needed to care more.
By the time we got to the home the tears were wracking my body. Thank you was not enough for this amazing man. He had been doing what I should have. They aren’t all the same you know.

by Debbie Gravett © 2020.12.24

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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