Old Roads and New

Inside I wander down various avenues
Of self-doubt and scarce self-esteem
I used to hide from the shadows
And avoid them at all cost
For these are the reflections I can’t watch
The places where shame bears the light
My shortcomings in wide-angle focus
Rapidly, down another path
I grab your hand and pull you back to earth
If only for a few moments
To remember your faith in all that I am
My biggest cheerleader left too soon
The side with much less support
But I’m now reminded that I can
Give this also to myself
It isn’t an arrogant curse
As you go back to vapor of the skies
I’m guided to Seeker Street
The darkest of them all
To delve through the essence of myself
And I’m ably up to the task
To discover what makes me tick
Find the cause that makes me an adroit procrastinate
With projects aplenty hung up unfinished
Some abandoned before they were begun
And the answer is fear my friend
A long travelling companion that I haven’t used well
For I’ve never held it nor looked in its eyes
Got down to the nuts and bolts of its make-up
And now that I’m here
I see that it is time to dismantle this old pal of mine
For I no longer have need of those things
That stop me
From being the best version intended
So I embrace my partner in self-sabotage
And bid it a fond farewell
Remembering the lessons it taught
And heading for the highway of success
To make you and myself proud
For you always knew that I could do it
And I’m just figuring that out

Debbie Gravett © 2020.12.18

FOWC: Adroit
RDP: Procrastinate
Image by Peter H from Pixabay

3 thoughts on “Old Roads and New

  1. I have the internal strife as well. My demon tried to lure me down the dark streets and beat me up with my own worthlessness and self doubt.

    You poem captures the feelings of vividly and painfully well. You have no reason to doubt, your poetry is beautiful. Well done, Debbie.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Mason. I greatly appreciate your kind feedback. I can relate with that feeling of worthlessness all too well, but find that my work at self discovery is helping change my mind. Albeit slowly, there are improvements.

      There is no one worthless, as we all have purpose in the collective. Have an amazingly worthwhile day. You add value to the world by just being in it.

      Liked by 1 person

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