Short Story #22

Every single day for 22 days – only 8 to go. They are short, so it should be easy, but it hasn’t been. I like to make a point or convey a message with my stories and I often get an idea for a story and stop myself when I ask, “So what?” There has to be a point. I can’t just relay events that occurred. It has to be about how those events affected the characters and how they reacted to them. I struggle to do that with short stories, but I hope you finish reading them and take something away from them or just enjoy them.
I hope you’re all keeping safe and finding time to rest. Have a winning day.

Deceitful Distraction
The group of eleven-year-old girls walked to the table, turned and presented themselves to the three people sitting on the other side. Once done, they went and sat on the bench waiting for their turn to warm up.
“These judges are super tough. You’re going to have to be perfect. Don’t wobble like in training.” Caitlynn continued giving Amanda advice about all the things that she shouldn’t do.
Amanda left to take her practice turn.
“How do you know what the judges are like?” asked the girl behind Caitlynn.
“Oh I don’t really,” she replied scowling at Amanda’s perfect dismount. Caitlynn headed for her warmup. “Don’t bend your knees,” she told Amanda as they passed each other.
On Caitlynn’s return Amanda headed for the mat. She faced the judges, waited for the go ahead and raised her arms above her head. Then she placed her hands on the narrow beam and pushed up, swinging one leg over to straddle the apparatus. She curled her feet behind herself and stood up balancing on the 10cm suede surface. Turning and pointing toes and standing on one foot while lifting the other leg up in the air behind, she was steady. She brought the leg down and leapt forward onto it, wobbling, arms flailing and lost the battle with gravity, landing on the fat mat beneath the beam.
Oh wow! What mom told me to do worked, thought Caitlynn, lifting her hand to hide the smile at her greatest competition and teammate’s loss of points.
Amanda got back up and completed her routine. Heading back to her seat she smiled at Caitlynn, “good luck. You’ve got this.”

by Debbie Gravett © 2020.12.16

Image by efes from Pixabay

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