Short Story #19

The days are being counted to Christmas and to my success for this personal challenge of mine, but once it is done, I want to continue. I might write a few short stories, but it is time that I got going on my books. My biggest obstacles are time management, procrastination and organization. Have you got any secrets to dealing with those? My solution to some of my organization issues is to declutter. So over the rest of this month I’m going to get my house in better order and get rid of the things I don’t need and make sure that there is a place for everything and everything in its place. Then I just need to teach my family to put things back where they belong. 😆 I hope you’re all keeping well and getting enough rest – I am not, so I need to work on that because I know the importance of sleep. Stay safe and have an absolutely amazing day. Find something to smile about.

Taking and Giving
She looked over her shoulder at the counter. The boy behind it was organizing packets and had his back to her. Her eyes shifted from side to side checking for any other customers as she slipped the packet of sausages into her over-sized brown tattered jacket. Once they were secure, she took the shopping basket and collected milk and bread and headed to pay. She added a 50 cent toffee from the container on the counter which she would pay for with the change that was her payment for buying the neighbour’s groceries.
Avoiding eye contact with the cute shopkeeper’s son, she took her 25 cents change from him and left.
“Was that Madeline?” his father asked coming out of the storeroom and seeing the back of the departing sixteen-year-old girl.
“Yes it was,” smiled Jeb.
“And what did she take today?”
“Another packet of sausages.”
“I wish she’d take something healthier. She and that poor little brother of hers are going to get ill with the processed meat and no better nutrients.”
“They are, but the sausages are in the easiest place for her to take where she thinks she won’t be spotted,” replied Jeb. “How can we help without embarrassing her? Maybe I should put the beef sausages there instead.”
“Perhaps,” his father’s eyes lit up with an idea. “Or you could play Santa this year. It wouldn’t be difficult for an ex-pro like myself to break into that dilapidated old house of theirs, and you could leave parcels. We all need a helping hand and second chance sometimes,” he suggested, already making a list of everything he could add to the boxes.
“But they probably don’t even have a tree.”
“Then we’ll leave a little one of those too.”

by Debbie Gravett © 2020.12.13

Image by Ylanite Koppens from Pixabay

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