Short Story #17

Day #17. How are you? I am still typing away and hoping to have more time next week to write. I might have gotten a bit of validation for my writing today, just waiting to make sure. That self-doubt thing that creeps in and says are you sure that is what was meant, and you read it right and that is what is happening. So step back and wait a little while. I’ll tell you when I’m more confident about it. If you’re writing, carry on. If you’re not and want to, scribble a few thoughts, ideas or sentences. They don’t have to make sense today – that is what editing is for tomorrow. Have an amazing day.

Interrupting Unintentional Rudeness
Janice pushed the tip of her tongue hard up against the roof of her mouth. It was a new technique that she had learned to try and stop from interrupting someone when they spoke to her.
She had lost a few friends and her latest boyfriend because she didn’t listen to them. But that was not the case, she listened and remembered their problems and concerns. It was while they were in the middle of saying things that she couldn’t stop herself from talking and often taking over the conversation.
Sometimes it would be one comment and she’d be done. Then other times she would redirect the entire conversation with stories and issues of her own.
Sitting at the oak bar counter she was concentrating so hard on stopping her most irritating trait from coming out that she missed what her dating-app match had to say. She tried to focus back on him and felt her tongue going loose, ready to comment. Janice swallowed and flattened the whole thing against her pallet.
“You look like you’re dying to say something,” she caught him say between focusing on keeping quiet.
“No, no. Please finish your story,” she encouraged restraining herself.
“Nonsense, you look like you’re about to bounce your way right off the stool waiting to say something.”
“I’m sorry, is it that obvious. I didn’t want to interrupt.”
“Ah, but if you don’t then you might forget what you wanted to say.”
“Exactly!” she shouted, exhaling her bottled up thoughts. “Someone that understands. I know it’s rude to jump in while someone is talking, but if I don’t, I am bound to forget what I wanted to say.”
“So what did you want to say?”
“Um…” she giggled, “I forgot.” Perhaps this one would stay she thought as he laughed with her.

by Debbie Gravett © 2020.12.11

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

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