Short Story #13

Magic story number 13. I’m loving this writing habit that I’m building, and I hope that you are enjoying my efforts. Almost halfway and I’m hoping to get more time soon to put extra effort into these so that I can improve and experiment. Have a magical day.

Not On Your Own
She took a deep breath. Layla had let everybody go before her while she attempted to get control of her unreasonable brain.
“You can do this,” she told herself out loud.
“Yes you can,” the voice behind her made her jump.
In the focus of convincing herself that there was nothing to be afraid of she hadn’t noticed Collin hanging back. “Oh, you should go,” she blurted trying to hide her terror.
“Sure. I’ll go with you.”
“What? Um, no that won’t be necessary. You go ahead and I’ll be right behind you.”
“Layla come on, you’re terrified of heights.”
“Who told you that?”
“Nobody had to SAY anything. Remember the glass elevator at the mall when we all went to that restaurant on the 5th floor last month?”
Laura nodded, the knot in her stomach growing tighter at the memory.
“You shut your eyes so tight I thought you were going to burst an eyeball, and you shook all the way up and back down again. And you stood by the buttons where there was a little bit of non-transparent wall.”
“How did you notice? I thought everyone was too busy enjoying the view.”
“I guess you could say that I was too,” Collin’s face pinked and he glanced at his feet for a second avoiding her eyes. “Although I didn’t enjoy how scared you were.”
“Oh,” Layla offered a sheepish smile.
“Go ahead guys, I’m just tying my laces. We’ll catch up,” Collin shouted to the rest of the class waiting on the other side.
As they moved off, he stepped in front of her and turned his back to the rope swing bridge and held out his hands. “Here. Just look up at me all the time and walk with me.”
He talked to her about school, her family, her hobbies and sports as they stepped gingerly from plank to plank, him walking backwards and keeping eye contact all the time. When she took that last step onto the other side she fell into his arms.
“Thank you,” she whispered, looking at his lips mere centimetres away from her’s and licking her own.

by Debbie Gravett © 2020.12.07

Image by nile from Pixabay

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