Short Story #12

Some days this is so hard. Life gets in the way, but I am not willing to quit. So, it is 2 in the morning and I’m writing my story. I am already exhausted, but I will push through. Hope you can still enjoy it and have a fantastic day. Keep safe and healthy.

What’s Inside the Box
Nathan looked curiously at the bright box covered in pictures of a cute little animal. He didn’t know what reindeer were and had no idea what a present was. He ran his fingers over the wrapping naming the colours that he’d just been learning this last week.
Kimberley took her five-year-old foster child’s hand and showed him to pull where the tape was and reveal the box underneath. It was as tall as the undersized boy whom had been malnourished all his life until he came to stay with the Collins a month ago. His body was still adapting to regular, nutritious meals and a safe place to rest. He was overwhelmed by a lot of affection, so they had had to reel in their big hearts and go slowly.
He stared at the picture of the blow-up trampoline and tilted his head to the side. The occupational therapist had recommended it to help build poorly developed muscles and coordination.
Jethro put down the camera to assemble his son’s first ever Christmas toy. From the moment he had taken him against his chest while rescuing him from almost being knocked over on a busy road he felt a bond – his mother had been too stoned to remember that he was there. A father who would move mountains to keep him safe, without any blood ties. He and his wife had climbed a few of those rocky outcrops in applying for adoption. For the moment they had guardianship while their entire lives were inspected, and their characters questioned before a decision could be made. But they lived as if he was already theirs.
Once Jethro and Kimberley had finished pumping up the bouncing platform, they looked for Nathan to show him how to use it. He was curled up in the box, fast asleep with his teddy Winston. That had been the only bed that he had known, and the confines were familiar, only his sleeping companion was new. They had given him the fluffy bear when the social worker had brought him to stay and since he took hold of it he had never let go.

by Debbie Gravett © 2020.12.07

Image by Alexas_Fotos from Pixabay

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