The Need of The Dark

Tourist visiting my own life
I’ve lost connection to it
Developed a pugnacious habit
Unable to settle or calm
The rain falling on me
Turning to unmanageable hail balls
Everything keeps descending
And I am not far behind
Downpour of my current mind
Drowning in the flood
Arguing even with myself
Unable to let my positivity
Peek out like a little bit of sun
It is trying
Constantly reminding me
Of what I am accomplishing
But the other voice is louder
The crack of thunder that objects
Ignoring the lightening
That brightens the darkness
I’m fighting to let it win
But there is the other side
The conundrum that is me
That needs to remain dark and miserable
The one looking for your attention
The one that feels unheard
Unless something is wrong

Debbie Gravett © 2020.12.02

FOWC: Tourist
RDP: Pugnacious
Image by Panachai Pichatsiriporn from Pixabay

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