Short Story #8

I thought things should start slowing down, but now I’m scratching my head in the morning wondering how I’m going to get everything done. I’m ready for a holiday. The good thing, I’m including writing in all the things that I MUST get done and I’m loving it. How are you all doing? Sending you all loads of love and light and giving some to myself too. Have an amazing day.

Do You Love Me?
”Hey! Stop that! Drop that immediately.”
Tamsyn jumped back from the mirror. “What the…” She looked behind her if someone had come into her bedroom. The door was still closed.
“No, no, I’m right here,” the voice came from the shiny glass.
She stuck her tongue out, but her reflection didn’t, even though it was her face looking back at her. It had taken on a life of its own. Pulling the side of the mirror she moved it a little away from the wall. There was nothing behind it except plaster painted dove grey.
“I’m in the mirror. Well if you want to be technical, I’m inside of you. I’m your higher-self, and I demand that you stop grabbing at your stomach, trying to make rolls that don’t exist. Oh, and by the way, I’m hungry. Starving in fact.”
“But you can’t be real. That must be a dodgy batch of slimming pills I started this morning.”
“Nope, nothing wrong with the pills, other than the fact that you’re putting them into our body at all,” her copy put her hands on her hips and scowled.
“You don’t know what it’s like being teased and getting called jelly and pudding bowl and all that other stuff.”
“Oh, I do,” her image’s mouth moved. “I’m closer to the storm created by that hurt and bullying.”
She thought about that for a minute. “Well I have to go and see those people at school every day, so I’m going to prove them wrong.”
“You can try, but I’m sorry to tell you that all you’re doing is damaging your body. While they’re getting old, you’re going to be pushing up daisies from six feet under if you catch my drift.”
“It can’t be that bad,” Tamsyn said, “lots of people do it. Besides what would you have me do, just stay fat? That is going to land me in the same place.”
“Humph! First off you have never been fat, that is what others think not fact. They bring their own issues with how they see the world. Secondly, so what if you were? If you are comfortable and happy, and your health isn’t in jeopardy their opinion shouldn’t matter. And… maybe that is the real problem. You need to work on liking yourself no matter what. Like us. Heck, fall in love with us!”
“Yeah well I’m not lovable. Even my mom couldn’t love me and had to leave.” Tamsyn’s lips turned down and her eyes looked at the floor.
“Your mom couldn’t love you because she didn’t know how, not because you weren’t lovable,” the other her spoke gently. “I’ll make you a deal.”
“Yeeeeees,” she raised her head giving a side eye.
“If you can talk to me every day and remind us that you are lovable and that you love us, then I will tell you when you’re hungry, and when you’re full, and what isn’t a good idea to eat. Then no matter what shape you end up in, you’ll be healthier and happier.”
Considering this for a minute, Tamsyn cocked her head to the side and then the other side wondering if she could do that.
“Fake it until you make it. I know you’re not going to believe yourself in the first few days but carry on and you’ll see that it is the truth.”
“Ok, deal. Now can you please go back inside so I don’t seem like I’ve lost the plot and am talking to myself.”
“Honey get used to it. It is the best advice you’ll ever get.”

by Debbie Gravett © 2020.12.02

Image by Anastasia Gepp from Pixabay

2 thoughts on “Short Story #8

    1. You already have one. If you listen carefully you can hear your intuition and better judgement. We just need to quiet the voices in our heads. This works on an idea by Louise Hay called mirror work to teach ourselves how to love ourselves.

      Thanks for reading my stories. Much appreciate it. Have a fabulous day.

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