Short Story #7

Only one month left of this year, but in all honesty, other than a new level of schooling for my kids, the months feel like they flow into one another without definition. Although I shouldn’t say that because today is our official first day of Summer down here in the southern hemisphere. But in sunny South Africa it doesn’t matter, because for the last few years there has been little difference between Spring and Summer, they are both hot. I’m still tired and pushing on.

Out Of The Box
I’m out! One whole beautiful month out of my box and into the glorious light. Soon there will be a heavenly aroma of biscuits baking and they’ll get bright shiny frosting – not that they last very long. I will be decked out in reindeer and Santa for the festivities.
Oh, and I’m dripping tinsel at the thought of that dinner table weighed down with mouth-watering foods, mince pies and pudding. Mom makes the best-looking Yule Log Cake. Someone could mistakenly put it in the fire, but it’s gobbled up before that can happen. Let’s not forget the guessing game of what’s under the wrapping paper before the gifts are opened. Sometime there are tears from all the belly laughs at the hilarious clues and suggestions. But better than all that is the whole family sitting together, laughing and enjoying the feast.
There’s funny uncle Peter who should have been a comedian, with aunty Kim who’s heard them all before. Cousins Jake and Tom will be with them, unless Tom has gone abroad. He finished school this year and has plans for an international career and adventure. At least that is how he was talking at last year’s dinner.
Weird aunt Jemma will surely be wearing a different Christmas jersey every day. I wonder if she has found a boyfriend. She got divorced last year and came alone looking quite forlorn. Hopefully she’s happier this year or they’ve stocked up on the red wine.
There will be mom and dad, AKA Catherine and Jefferey, with Shannon, Damon and Rebecca. They are going to help make me look pretty just now. There are plenty of accessories. Mom will make hot chocolate first and then the fun will begin.
Another great thing they do is take food and presents for the less fortunate. Every year mom teaches the kids about being grateful and giving back. They don’t eat all the cookies, they share.
It might be for only one out of twelve, but I think that I’m around for the best month of the year. Fun, memorable times with special people and lots of upbeat music. Talking of which, they’re playing my song:
      Oh Christmas tree,
      Oh Christmas tree,
      How lovely are your branches

Soon they’re gonna be gorgeous.

by Debbie Gravett © 2020.12.01

Image by stux from Pixabay

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