I Don’t Want to Talk

My face…
The rotten snitch
It cannot deceive
Of the emotions inside
Is it a good thing
Or terrible disaster?
I don’t always want
Everyone to know
How I am feeling
Deep in my heart
Because sometimes
I succumb
To the pit of sadness
And don’t want to talk
Or tell you all about it
I don’t always know
The source of my driver
Into this darkness
And I don’t wish to explain
And sometimes…
Against all better judgement
I wish to stay here a while
And wallow
And occasionally…
When I am done
I’ll investigate these shadows
Discover their secrets
Their origins
And set about
To close them down

Debbie Gravett © 2020.11.29

FOWC: Succumb
RDP: Snitch
Image by dima_goroziya from Pixabay

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