Short Story #4

Today’s story was inspired by a picture I saw. I hope you enjoy it and I’m so glad the ideas are coming a little easier. I suppose it helps when writing is on your mind most of the time, even when you are doing menial tasks.

Splash In The Puddles
Holding the tattered old photo she went back to that day and it brought a smile to her face.
“Mommy come, I want to go through the puddle.”
“No Jack you’re going to get your clothes dirty.”
“Then you’ll wash them. You’re going to wash them anyway. I’ll take them off outside so I don’t make the floors dirty, and rinse under the hose.”
She chuckled, remembering how she had wondered when this six-year-old had become so wise. He had taught her something that day – to stop worrying about things that had easy solutions, and how to have fun.
Rubbing her fingers over the twenty-year-old picture of her and her son covered in mud from their numerous leaps into the puddles, a small knot welled up in her throat. Raymond had insisted on documenting the memory when they got home. She felt heart-sore thinking of them both being gone. Most days it was manageable, but today was difficult. It was the two-year anniversary of her husband’s death in a motorbike accident. She had been comforted by the fact that he had been doing something he loved. It was how he would have wanted to leave this life.
Jack had insisted on moving back when his father died, but Kelly wouldn’t hear of it. He had created a great life for himself in Canada and married the best daughter-in-law she could ask for. She visited them for a month once a year and it was wonderful. They got on like a house on fire.
It was because of Jack’s lesson in fun and living life that she had experienced so many adventures and why she was up at four o’clock in the morning. She had to be at the launch site at five to float over the mountains, dams and game reserve of South Africa – her home. She hoped the hot air balloon would find some of the wildlife and fill her bulging bag of amazing experiences and pleasure. Today was a day for smiles and laughter. Raymond would want that, and Jack would call later. He never forgot.

by Debbie Gravett © 2020.11.28

Image by GeorgeB2 from Pixabay

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