What Have You Done Lately #7

How are you? I am so glad that you found your way here.

I have been doing some soul searching. Have you ever gotten to a place in your life and asked, “How did I get here?” Well that is what I’ve been asking myself. I don’t remember how I pictured my life was going to be when I was growing up, my question comes more from where I was – say in my twenties – to where I am today.

Some people believe our path in life is already set out, but does that mean the choices we make can be blamed on fate, or do we still have a say? I believe I got myself here and I also believe I am exactly where I am supposed to be, because otherwise there would be no need for a deep dive into my inner sanctum to explore and discover what it is that I want, what do I believe and how to heal what isn’t working. Aah, but there is the difficult part – how to heal?

I know that I can’t just wish my issues away, instead I must work through them, how things have affected me and how it gets better. I also know that I’m not alone. For me it is angels and guides and the universe that I call upon. Find your helpers and know that they ARE out there whether human or ethereal.

Wishing those doing NanoWriMo speedy fingers for this last stretch and an unchecked imagination.


  • Getting some writing done. More poetry than anything else, but I’ll take the small wins.
  • Written the first draft of my poem for a competition. I’d almost forgotten this achievement – when you’re down on yourself and forget the things you have actually done.


Write a book. I’m leaving this here for the rest of the year or until I’ve done it. And to figure out what is stopping me and work through it.

  • Write a poem for a poetry competition due the end of November – editing.
  • Limit Facebook to an hour or so in the morning only, and stop opening all the Christmas advertising. Nothing like seeing things you’d like to buy for yourself or loved ones and can’t, to make you feel like you’re failing. In truth we don’t need much, but are made to believe we need it all and if we can’t give it all then what are we? We’re still amazing.



I don’t see myself in the mirror
Because appearance isn’t who I am
I don’t see myself in the sunshine
Because it is easy to smile then
I see myself in the shadows
Because that is where I discover
I ask and investigate
I care enough to go looking
To find out who I really am

© 2020.11.21


When it’s raining enjoy the music the drops make.

Sending love and light to everyone and keeping a little for myself – we’re allowed to, it isn’t selfish it is a must.

Image by ArtTower from Pixabay

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