Reaching Me

Don’t ask me how I’m feeling
You’re liable to get a lie
But if you really want an answer
Look to my writing
For it bears the truth of my soul
I won’t tell you the words are always mine
And sometimes they have nothing to do
With the dirge of my heart
But if you want to know me
You’ll read them and compare
Is there a paradox with face and ink?
I’m sure you’ll see it there
But if you see me bleeding
You’ll offer me that compassion pity stare
And perhaps that day I want it
Though I don’t want to want it
But I thank you for it
For the concern you have for me
And then there are those of you
Who need not read a word
Because you’re feeling how I am
You know what’s in my heart
From next door
Or miles away
You have the invisible tether
That tells you I’m in need
And that is when I’ll push the hardest
For you to stay away
And leave me be
But you’ll reach anyway
And for you I’m ever grateful
Even when I’m hiding here
And even when I’m not

Debbie Gravett © 2020.11.21

FOWC: Paradox
RDP: Compassion
Image by Sven Lachmann from Pixabay

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