Wasted Years

Lucid dream or nightmare
I fight to feel awake
Is this my life or not?
Struggle to grasp the scene
Reality fogging up my clarity
I’m losing my grip on sanity
The fridge door lies open
The light switches are all on
But I’m wondering now
If anyone is at home
In the cobwebs of my head
Years gone by unchecked
Lost to what I can’t remember
Neither what I’ve done
In the vast hours of that time
Pacify myself with excuses
But it is no longer working
Because I know
No matter how many I think up
They are of no use
In looking where I am at today
And neither is regret of any use
For there is no bringing
The yesterdays I’ve wasted back
The only option that I have
To not be in this place
In the years to come
Take action
Follow the dream
The one I want
Awaken from my sleep
Begin to live this life
Love what I have
And who I am

Debbie Gravett © 2020.11.03

FOWC: Pacify
RDP: Lucid
Image by sreza24595 from Pixabay

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