What Have You Done Lately #5

And just like that Halloween is done and it is November. Two months to tick something substantial off my list.


I’m a little sad today. I am disappointed in myself because I wanted to write a short story for a competition which closed last night, but I couldn’t get over self-doubt and procrastination. I’ve been making notes all week and tried to start a few times, but it just didn’t happen. I have read that it has to be the right time for certain stories and sometimes they take longer to be done exactly when they must be. Maybe this one that has been rumbling around in my mind and sending post-its for months has to wait a little longer. Or is that me making excuses?
How do you stop yourself from achieving your dreams? If you don’t, but did before, tell me the solution you found.


    I’m ignoring this section this week. Not to say I sat on my butt all week, but as I said above… I’m sad about that one important thing I wanted to do.


Dare I put anything in here?

  • Write that story anyway!



I never acknowledged your greatness
Little child in me
Nor the magic that sparkles from you
Your biggest critic and fault finder
There is no one harder on you
The boulder in your path of possibility
But I’m learning to be the adult that you need
Supportive, encouraging and clearing the way
Teaching the overcome of doubt and fear
And being the student simultaneously

© 2020.11.01


There might be boulders in your path, but none so big as yourself. Tame the fear and the inner critic to clear the way.

Have an amazing week. I am enjoying cooler weather – still in the 20°C – with glorious rain.

Image by ArtTower from Pixabay

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