Catch the Cookie Thieves

Have you seen the eyes of the hungry
The uneducated child repeating the cycle
The little one or the adult that can’t read
Have you seen the sweat of the hard worker
The one who leaves home long before dawn
The only one with work in a shack of too many
A swamp of struggle that isn’t letting go
Bogging the people down in the mud
Because you finagle the funds meant to help them
To teach them, heal them, feed them and serve them
Your big fancy house and expensive imported car
Not a sign of your success but rather your theft
And still you continue to tear the nation apart
For a united peace holds no place for you to hide
But slowly you are uncovered and discovered
It is time for the people to be fed

Debbie Gravett © 2020.10.20

FOWC: Finagle
RDP: Swamp
Image by mac231 from Pixabay

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