What Have You Done Lately #2

Oh wow it’s Friday already and I almost forgot this. Here is a bit more me.


I’m still wandering around, except now it might look like I’m dragging myself from place to place. I am exhausted. It could have something to do with not fueling my body properly, and exams. No, I’m not stupid enough to take those on at my age – no, I’m not telling but let’s say it’s the other side of um… 40. Just kidding, I’m not bothered by my age.

My eldest is busy writing, and besides helping with studying, I’m the travel co-ordinator/taxi driver (not normal school hours), and driver for my other daughter to get to gymnastics 5 days a week – making up lessons that were missed during lockdown. I always find this time of year gets hectic and 2020 seems magnified – much like the rest of this strange year. It will all get done one way or another, and I’ll eventually remember everything.


achievedI didn’t get it all done, but that’s ok because I got something done.

  • Yes, 8 posts since this one last week. More than the goal of 5 that I set myself.
  • Not strictly a short story, but submitted a flash fiction piece to Furious Fiction competition. It could have done with a bit more work, but deadlines and all the other stuff going on. No excuses.
  • Didn’t get to decluttering either of those spaces. Possibly why my muse is still a bit blocked.


I have to carry over the decluttering, but I’m ok with that because we’re studying for maths this week. Then I need to get into my writing again. Let me burn the incense to welcome my muse.

  • Listen to 1 writing related podcast.
  • Do the writing exercises in the book I’m reading – “Story Genius: How to Use Brain Science to Go Beyond Outlining and Writing a Riveting Novel by Lisa Cron”. I’ve learned I’m not very good with books that have work for me to do, even though I understand the value in them.
  • Work on a long-time short story to enter into Commonwealth Short Story Competition – due 1 November. No pressure.
  • Decluttering – bedroom and spare room – Clutter is terrible for my energy and adversely affects my writing which is no longer acceptable – it should never have been.


We’re mere specks on a big earth, but even little crumbs of bread are a big deal to an ant.


I’d love to hear what you’re planning to get up to or what you feel that you’ve achieved – even the little stuff. Have a fantastic week.

Image by congerdesign from Pixabay

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