It’s Ok

Owner of a weary soul
In the constant attempt
To catch your attention
Pulling a little love
From a rock-hard stone
A few shared phenotype
Do not naturally equate
To a heartbeat connection
One that I was hoping for
Made myself vulnerable
Dreaming of that family
Talking and sharing
Part of each other’s lives
Done and wrung out
I have surrendered
Decided to love myself
Instead of searching outside
May you learn to love you
I release you
From my expectations
And myself from disappointment
Blood doesn’t mean
This relationship is guaranteed
I studied the flaws
Questioned what I’d done wrong
And my final conclusion
Although it took quite a while
Many fallen tears
And a heart
Which didn’t want to give up
It’s ok

Debbie Gravett © 2020.10.06

FOWC: Study
RDP: Phenotype
Image by giselaatje from Pixabay

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