The Pieces Fit

I struggle through the thick soup
Mist of confusion and contemplation
The big questions of life and the little
Cloud the intricate grey folds of my mind
Begging the Universe to elucidate my existence
Fervently searching for the days to make sense
For the purpose of my breathing to be revealed
Bogged down in eerie uncertainty of what is meant
I cry for the correct answers to be given
Deaf to undesired possibilities being it
Until they return too often to be ignored
Resigned to an unwanted fate in sadness
In the silence of no longer focusing on this quest
I hear the truthful reason of my beating heart
The plan more masterful than I could have schemed
Like a successful game of Tetris all the pieces fit

Debbie Gravett © 2020.09.26

FOWC: Elucidate
RDP: Eerie
Image by Caterina Bassano from Pixabay

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